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Welcome to our website! We are David Roberts Services of Priory Road Keynsham Bristol Avon BS31 2BX.

The site owner Mr David Roberts has been a so-called petrol head for over half a century. During that time, cars have gone from being unreliable oil dropping clunkers, which fell apart or rusted through within a decade or so, to the efficient, comfortable and reliable cars of today. No longer do we have two stick an arm out through the side window to signal the turn; defrosting the inside of the windscreen by pouring warm water over it (and hoping it doesn't crack in the meanwhile) is no more. Heaters, safety airbags and radios are in virtually every car on the road now, and such once unimaginable luxuries as electrically operated windows and seats, satellite navigation, cruise control and reversing sensors are commonplace.

What is not changed, however, is the skill, inspiration and imagination that goes into creating many of our cars. It is true that many of us drive vehicles which, despite the fact that they are perfectly adequate for transporting us safely and comfortably, are fairly mundane. This is the price we pay for being able to buy mass-produced cars at a reasonable price. Every now and again, though, a new vehicle will come along which makes us sit up and sets our pulses racing. The purpose of this website has been to introduce you to just a few of the cars which we think fit into this exalted category, and we hope that we have given you some entertainment and, perhaps, a few dreams as well.

If you wish to get in touch with us to share your views or even just have a chat. You can contact us by post (we are David Roberts Services of Priory Road Keynsham Bristol Avon BS31 2BX) or by Happy motoring!

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