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Most people have heard of the E-type Jaguar and this famous British sports car remains an enduring part of British history. But just what was so special about it? Manufactured by Jaguar Cars Ltd between 1961 and 1975 it quickly became a key attraction in the world of motoring with sleek looks, economical prices and high performance. With a top speed of 150 mph and sub-7 second 0-60 acceleration it quickly distinguished itself as a prize model that many people wanted to own, especially taking into consideration that most cars around at this time had a top speed of about 70 mph!

Headline Launch

The car was launched at the Geneva Auto Salon in March 1961 and the public and many celebrities went into raptures about it, including Enzo Ferrari who called it the most beautiful car in the world. However, the car was styled on some earlier models which became the forerunners of the classic E-type and one of these was known as the E1A prototype. This car was created in 1957 and was smaller than the E-type but had the independent rear suspension design that became a feature of Jaguars for many decades to come. Based on this prototype further models continued to refine the design to reach what many termed the perfect lines of the E-type Jaguar.

Lightweight Models

Jaguar went on to sell a limited batch of lightweight models that were tried out on the track by drivers such as Jackie Stewart and Graham Hill and which comprised of an aluminium body and monocoque as opposed to the normal steel design. As word of the smooth and sporty car spread so did it's fame and continued popularity, and even as late as 2004 it was placed as the number one Top Sports Car of the 60s by Sports Car International and listed as top of the 100 most beautiful cars of all time compiled by the Daily Mail.

E-Type Jaguar Reborn

The E-type continued to have further refinements including a larger 4.2 engine in the 60's and a 2+2 model was also incorporated into the range. The Jaguar E-type somehow captured the glamour and mood of the swinging 60s and has remained popular after all these years to such an extent that the manufacturers have created a Jaguar E-type Reborn programme. The programme has been developed with the purpose of seeing series 1 E-types created to their original specification for a whole new generation of fans and collectors who will no doubt be enthralled by the classy car.

Were there drawbacks?

the first (Series 1) cars had cramped cockpits, very little legroom, a shortage ofspace in the boot, little legroom and the gearbox that can only be described as 'clunky'. It also was not as reliable as later models. However, if you try to buy one, this particular model will set you back a lot more money than the later ones. Why? Because it is generally reckoned to be the sexiest looker of them all. It is not for nothing that the motoring press labelled the early E-Types the ultimate aphrodisiac!

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