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Jaguar XFR- The Ultimate In Excellence?

Jaguar took the 5 L V8 engine from the Range Rover Sport, added a supercharger and created their fastest ever saloon car, the XFR. Naturally, they had to add an engine speed limiter to keep it down to a mere supercar level of performance, but it's worth mentioning that a car with the limiter removed achieved 226 miles an hour during a speed trial in the USA, on the Bonneville Salt Flats.

How does it differ from a standard Jaguar?

Well, apart from the supercharged, direct injection V-8 blasting out a terrifying 503 brake horsepower, the suspension has been upgraded considerably with a computerised damping system and rear differential, and an enhanced steering system. The result of all this has been a car that is not only big and comfortable, but it holds the road extremely well. The 0 to 60 figure is a very respectable 4.7 seconds, but there is plenty of poke in the engine between about 50 and 70 miles an hour, giving effortless acceleration for overtaking.

How does it handle?

The electronic damping system keeps the car level and firmly glued to the road even at high speed over a winding country road. The steering is precise and predictable, without the understeer and body roll of so many other luxury cars with large engines at the front.

Is it comfortable?

The six speed automatic gearbox is smooth and efficient, giving a peaceful cruise at low to medium speeds but capable of instantaneous action when the driver hit the throttle. The seats are wide and comfortable, as would be expected, and the engine is quiet at all but the highest speeds. The general ambience of the interior lives up to the most exacting expectations.

Has it been successful?

Only the accountants at the company can answer that question! However, it has received lavish praise from the motoring press and the verdict of the Top Gear programme was that it was possibly the finest fast, luxury saloon car in the world. Praise indeed.

Are there drawbacks?

Five litre V8's are not noted for miserly fuel consumption, and a claimed 22.5 mpg overall can come down dramatically if it's driven hard. The ride can be a little bumpy thanks to the firmed up suspension, and there is a fair bit of wind noise from the wing mirrors. Hardly the sort of problems that a Jaguar owner is likely to get upset about!

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